Sunday, January 31, 2010

Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite

If you know me, you know that I'm a huge fan of music. (anything but country) This post is inspired by a facebook post from my friend Jordan Cornwell. He posted a link to a song saying that he couldn't stop listening to it. That song is a cover song of peter schillings "major tom" . I happen to like this song quite a bit. In fact I have it as my notification ring tone for receiving emails on my phone. The cover is by a group called "Shiny Toy Guns" I also am a big fan of this group so I was pretty excited to discover the major tom cover and like Jordan, couldn't stop listening to it.

After listening to it over and over I decided that I needed to post a blog about some of my favorite cover songs.

so here they are in no particular order:

codename rocky "just like heaven"

The cure is probably in my top 25 artists of all time and codename rocky is probably in my top 10 favorite ska-bands of all time so how could I not enjoy this cover. It's a shame that codename rocky broke up but if you have never heard of them and you like ska music you should check them out.

New found glory "kiss me"

A new found glory has two albums dedicated to doing cover songs. They have several good cover songs but this one is probably my favorite out of them all. I really enjoy the original by six pence none the richer and NFG gives it a little bit of pep making it not so queer to listen to while working with a bunch of guys. For Christmas Kyle got me tickets to go see NFG with Saves the Day and Hello Goodbye. I doubt they will play this song but I would be stoked if they did.

New Found Glory "Heaven"

Another song by NFG. I'm not a huge fan of the original but the cover is great.

Alien Ant Farm "smooth Criminal"

Most of you have probably heard this cover. That's because it got played out. I normally skip this song on my MP3 player now because I've heard it too many times. It's still a great cover and the video is really good too.
All Time Low "umberella"

I don't know much about the group All Time Low. I've heard a few of their songs and I like them but this song off of the cover album "Punk Goes Crunk" is a great cover of a catchy song by Rihanna.

Bowling For Soup "Gilligans Island"

no comments
Buck O Nine "sound system"

Buck O Nine is a ska band that is hit and miss with me. They have several good songs spread over many albums. But this cover of an Operation Ivy song is great. They also do a great cover of Musical Youths "Pass the dutchie" but all I could find were low quality live versions. so I didn't post a video.

Candy Flip "Strawberry Fields Forever"

Candy Flip is another band I don't Know much about but this is a great Beatles cover.

Death Cab For Cutie "This Charming Man"

Deathcab for Cutie is another hit and miss band for me. I love Ben Giffords work with the postal service (who will make an appearance later) and Morissey and the Smith's, despite my wife telling me I'm gay for listening to them, are another group that make it to my top 25 of all time list.

Elefant "Please Please Please"

Disregard the video, I couldn't find any other links to this song. Again a good cover of a Smiths song. Elefant is a group that took a little bit to grow on me but I like them now. I saw them live at a Morrissey concert and thought they were horrible. As I listened to them more on their album they became better.

Frou Frou "holding out for a hero"

This cover is from the movie Shrek (so I've been told, I've never seen it) but It's a great cover of an 80's song by bonnie tyler. If you haven't checked out any of Frou Frou's other works I would highly recommend it. Check out "let go" it is very catchy.
Postal Service "Do You Realize"

This is a great re-mix of The Flaming Lips song. I don't know if it classifies as a cover but I will count it.

The Hippos "so lonely"

This is a live cover but you can find the album version on their album (how bout that) This is a great cover of the Police.

Homegrown " Barbie Girl"

Again, disregard the video but a great cover of the Aqua song "barbie girl" Homegrown was one of my favorite pop punk bands in high school and if you've never heard them check them out.

Home Grown "planet earth"

Another good cover by Home Grown. This time "planet earth" by Duran Duran.

Johnathan Coultan "baby got back"

The song speaks for itself.
Knockout "survivor"

This is a cover of Destiny's childs "survivor" again another song that I can now listen to at work and not feel gay.

The Langley School Music Project "sweet Caroline"

These 4th Grade kids have put out an album of several cover songs. This one is one of my favs from them. It doesn't remind me of the Red Sox as much as the original so I don't hate it.

Less Than Jake "dope man"

Okay, Less Than Jake is probably my favorite ska band of all time and this cover is great. Not to mention that the video has Fred "rerun" Barry and Ponch. Less Than Jake also covered the entire Greese soundtrack if you like that kind of stuff. but they have several other good covers. here's a couple more:

Love Spit Love "how soon is now"

Another great Smiths cover. You may recognize it from the T.V. show Charmed.

Madbones "all the things you said"

This is a cover of a Ta Tu' song. I know nothing about ta tu' other than i think the singers are a couple of lesbians. I've heard the original of this song but I like this cover better.

Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies "the phantom of the opera"

My mother is a huge Andrew Loyd Weber fan. Growing up I got to listen to a lot of his music. The Phantom of the Opera was one that I could actually tolerate and maybe even enjoyed a little. This cover is probably in my top 10 favorite covers. For those of you who have never heard of Me First and The Gimmie Gimmies, they colaboration of several punk band members who formed a cover band. they have several good covers. I'll list just a few but if you like what you hear check out their other stuff.

"somewhere over the rainbow"
"I believe I can fly"

"isn't she lovely"

Midtown "your love"

Another Cover that I like better than the original.

Five Iron Frenzy "mamma Mia"

I hate the original of this song, but the cover is by a great christian ska band that just makes you happy when you listen to them.

Lemonheads "mrs. robinson"

great cover too bad it was one of the lemonheads only hits. Thanks simon and garfunkle

Mustard Plug "the freshman"

This is about the gayest video I have ever seen but the only non-live version i could find. This is probably in my top 10 favorite covers. The original by the Verve Pipe is good also.

MXPX "take on me"

MXPX is a christian melodic punk band. They are one of the first melodic punk bands that I listened to. Melodic punk is now one of my favorite genres. They have a hole album of covers. check out "Oh donna" also it's good.

Reel Big Fish "Take on Me"

another cover of take on me. this time by Reel big fish. I think I like this one better.

Nada Surf "there is a light that never goes out"

I've mentioned already how much I like the smiths. This is my favorite song by the smiths. You might remember Nada surf as being "popular" not so much. one and done guys. thanks

Nerf Herder "mr. blue sky"

I really enjoy the original of this song by Electric Light Orchestra. This one is a little more up beat and poppy. I like it.

I couldn't find a video of this one but here is a link to "final countdown" by Nicotine. This song has been covered more times than I can count (i can only count to 5) and this is my favorite version.

No Use for a Name "turning Japanese"

I like the original but this is much better. I use this as my ring tone for my friend Erick Kinoshita.

NOFX "Electricity"

NOFX is another melodic punk band (the exact opposite of christian melodic punk like MXPX, what a difference a few letters make) that got me into this genre. Orchestrial Menuevers in the Dark (OMD) who they are covering are one of my favorite new wave bands.

Paramore "hero"

Pretty tough to make the original by the Foo Fighters better but Paramore did it. Paramore is another great band to check out if you have never listened to them.

Postal Service "against all odds"

As promised, The postal service. The Postal Service is hands down my favorite electronica group. This cover is awesome and I will not let you convince me otherwise.

Postal Service "grow old with me"

Another postal service cover. Far off of the mark from their normal sound but this John Lennon cover is definately worth giving a spin (like anyone still owns a record player)

Rage Against the Machine "renegades of funk"

Both the original and cover are great. Rage Against the Machine is another group that did an entire album of cover songs. I recommend checking them out.

Reel Big Fish "unity"

Another great Operation Ivy cover

Reel Big Fish "we hate it when our friends become successful"

Another Great smiths cover. probably top 3 smiths covers.

Richard Cheese "chop suey"
Richard Cheese "beat it"

If you haven't heard of Richard Cheese and you like a little bit of humor mixed in with your cover songs then check him out. He is a lounge singer that does all genre's. Highly recommended.

River Fenix, AKA Fenix TX " ordinary world"

Another great duran duran cover.

Rufio "like a prayer"

Yet another now I can listen to this at work and not be gay song (plenty of other reasons for people to think I'm gay I don't need the music to add to the list; beat you to the punch Josh, George, Johnny G., Cyndi)

Save Ferris "come on Eileen"

This one is for sure better than the original. They also do a cover of The Foundations "build me up buttercup" but I couldn't find a link.

Vanilla Sky "A thousand miles"

Great original and even better cover.

Shiny Toy Guns "Ritz"

Shiny Toy Guns, The reason for this blog. This is another great cover. There is not much from this band that I don't like.

Shiny Toy Guns "burning for you"

Another Shiny Toy Guns cover. This one is another one that is better than the original.

Shiny Toy Guns "nothing compares to you"

A cover of a cover. This is far from the original but I still enjoy.

Shiny Toy Guns "stipped"

Depech Mode is probably my all time favorite new wave band and so by default I like this cover. Last one by Shiny Toy Guns.

Johnny Cash "hurt"

Altough I don't like NiN for being anti-christs this is a good cover. I think Johnny Cash believes in God so I'll say it's okay to listen to.

Johnny Cash "personal Jesus"

See I told you.

AFI "head like a hole"

Another NIN cover. Don't know about AFI's religious views but I still enjoy the cover.

Cake "I will survive"

He should have changed that "Lucky" lock. Cake is another artist that is hit and miss for me. He's got songs that I either Love or don't like. Nothing in between. I would still recommend him to people that haven't heard his stuff.

I could go on for ever with this list but It's getting late and I need to get some shut eye so I can go kill more people tomorrow.

Below are some cover albums that you should check out:

Punk goes (multiple discs)
Before you were punk
Before you were punk 2
Punk chartbusters (multiple discs)
Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies (multiple discs)
From your screen to your stereo
From your screen to your stereo 2
and out come the covers (a tribute to rancid)
Boys on top Avril Lavene tribute
Pretending to See the Future: A Tribute to OMD
A tribute to AFI
Electro Cured

If you have a favorite cover song that I didn't list I'd love to hear about it.

P.S. I'm not going to go back and proof read this so even though the wordsmith was uninvited to my blog I will re-iterate.

All apologies

I just want to apologize to all of you. I got called into work last night at 11:30 pm I was working by myself in Inglewood at about 2 am when I was informed that I am killing everyone. For those of you who don't know, I repair, install and upgrade cellular equipment. I was working up on top of the fake palm tree when I heard someone yell, "Hey" as I looked around I noticed a man down below. I didn't respond to him and he then continued, "you are killing everyone." again I didn't respond. He continued, "you're gonna give everyone cancer, but you don't care, you only care about money. Big money takes little money, just like the cigarette companies"

Now this guy isn't the first person to express to me their concern about, RF exposure, but normally I can ask in return, " do you watch TV, use a Microwave or a computer, all of these give off more RF exposure than this cell phone tower does." however this guy had the upper hand, He obviously had been preparing for this conversation and decided to get rid of all of the previously mentioned items. In fact he went one step further and got rid of his entire home. I guess alcohol was not a health risk concern of his though because he had had plenty of that (based off of the number of times that he fell down).

I guess I will start looking for another occupation because "professor cart pusher" has convinced me that I am a murderer. So if you have any suggestions let me know. But in the mean time I still need to provide for my family so, I just wanted to take this time to apologize to you all and ask for your forgiveness for killing you. I would forgive you if you killed me so just go ahead and forgive me.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

"You just lost a customer!"

I've had the topic of this blog on my mind for the last week but haven't had the time to blog about it.

For those that didn't get a chance to see my status update on facebook regarding McDonald's I will get you up to speed. Last week I heard a commercial for McDonald's introducing their new "Breakfast Value Menu". They said that they had sausage McMuffins for $1. I was sitting on the 91 FWY on the way to work and knew that I had a long day of work ahead of me. I thought a sausage McMuffin would be good to get the day started so I exited at the next exit that had a McDonald's. As I ordered the Sausage McMuffin the employee asked "would you like egg with that?" I said "yes" (thinking that egg is standard on the Sausage McMuffin) and they then told me my total was $2.98. I thought to myself "Really 2 dollars for an egg?" which brings me to the topic of my blog.

Why do we put up with fast food restaurants?

Throughout the years I have had countless experiences that I would not be tolerate from any other establishment.

I wouldn't be okay with going to Best Buy and purchasing a computer system and then getting home and opening the bag and saying "oh damn it, they forgot to put the monitor in. Oh well I don't feel like driving back. "

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't send my wife to buy me a pair of pant and when she comes home open the bag to find that they had sequins all over them, my wife saying " I told them not to put sequins on them" and I say " oh well, I'll just pick them off"

If I went to the grocery store I wouldn't be cool with the checker saying okay, "Your total is $153" taking my money and then saying "thanks, can you go ahead and stand over there while the bag boy bags the groceries of the guy behind you' because he doesn't have as many.

Better yet if I went to Disneyland I wouldn't be okay with being the only person in line (thus making it not a line) for a ride and the employee saying "hey can you walk around all the posts again or just go wait out in front for a while.

I wouldn't be okay with going to Footlocker and buying a pair of shoes and opening the box and finding that my shoes only have one shoe lace and asking the employee "hey can I get another shoelace?" and the employee saying " that will be 10 cents more"

I don't think I would be excited if Victoria's Secret had a coupon for a free thong and when I went to redeem it they said," oh you need to send that coupon to this address and then within the next month you will receive another coupon for the exact same thing." "We do have thongs for sale if you want to buy them."

I don't know what analogy to use for this one but I don't understand how I could ask for an item to be removed from my food and not get a credit but in the same order ask for it to be added to something for my wife and be charged extra. I've wised up on this and order my item with the removed item on the side and then give it to my wife.

and the list goes on.

There are very few fast food restaurants that don't do any one of these things on a regular basis.

I will give an A+ to Tommy burgers, In-N-Out, wiener schnitzel, Panda Express and Subway.

Speaking of subway, "Subway sandwich artist" was my first job. I can't recall a single customer coming back and saying, "hey you put tomatoes on my sandwich, I said no tomatoes" or "you forgot to put my sandwich in the bag". I think that maybe all fast food places should be like subway. If i was watching the guy at Carls Jr. (which I have boycotted) put a tomato on my burger I would definitely let him know that I didn't want tomatoes.

**on a tangent speaking of fast food commercials, What the Damn Del Taco. Really you get rid of "Del Taco Dan" for "the beast" and then now some gay del taco stage show. I really like Del Taco but your commercials are weak sauce, you had a close second to Jack in the commercial department but then you dumped Dan. end of tangent**

I have boycotted one McDonald's for the following:

Some friends and I had just finished skateboarding and were going to get breakfast before going to another skate park. I pulled up to the drive thru speaker and was told to wait. once they were ready to take my order I began going around the car one person at a time repeating each persons order to the drive thru speaker. After each item the employee would ask "anything else? , anything else?" Literally they must have asked "anything else?" at least 10 to 15 times. Once I completed my order I went to the window and as they handed us our food I said, "you forgot to give us a milk" the employee then told me "you didn't order a milk" I said " I did order a milk, you may not have heard me but we would like a milk" He then told me I needed to pull forward and they would bring me a milk (were they preparing the milk in the back?) we pulled forward and waited 10 min. for the milk. when the employee finally came out he said that will be $1.25 (or whatever the milk cost) and I said "you've got to be kidding me, we've waited for ten minutes and you are going to charge me for the milk?" and handed him a $20 bill. I also said "you have a promotion where if it takes more than 2 minutes to get my food I get a free big mac so can you bring me the coupon when you return with my change?" he responded by saying that since I modified my order it didn't count. I told him to have the manager bring me my change. The manager did not bring me my change but I got the coupon. I haven't been back to that location since.

At the local Carls Jr. I was the only person in line, I payed and was asked to go to front and wait. I said can you make sure to put extra ranch in the bag for the fried zucchini. I guess I should have said can you make sure to bring me my change and my soda when you come out. I brought up the change before leaving but didn't realize that I didn't get my soda until I was already home. I guess that's what happens when you sit for 5-10 min. in front of the Carls Jr. you forget what you ordered. I've stopped going to Carls Jr. ever since. I was on the border of boycotting them just for the commercials prior to this experience so this was the straw that broke the camels back.

Until now I have boycotted only certain locations but think that I may do like a certain brother of mine and start boycotting entire corporations. In the past this would have been pretty difficult since I would work long hours and didn't bring a lunch. For Christmas my children gave me a lunch cooler and I think I have packed a lunch more this month than I have in the last 5 years. I plan on doing this on a regular basis. It will help me to eat healthier, save money and also make it to where I don't have to leave a job site to go get food. I also don't plan on ever putting nard shrinking tomatoes or any other things that I don't like in my lunch box.

There is a short list of fast food restaurants that I don't think I could boycott:


Tommy Burgers

Titos Tacos

The Hat

and possibly
Jack in the box

and Del Taco

Sonic seems to be pretty good too but there aren't any near my house so I'm undecided.

All other fast food restaurants you are being placed on notice. My boycotts for existing locations still remain but I am now on board the corporate boycott band wagon.

If you have any place that you have boycotted and you can convince me. I'll support your boycott.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Just Another Halo Victory"

I've been an Angels fan as long as I can remember. Back when the Rams still shared a stadium. Back when they didn't have the rocks and waterfalls. Pre-Disney. Back when they claimed the whole State of California not just a city that they didn't play in. Back when there was Wally World. Devon White, Chili Davis, Chuck Finley, Mark Langston, Jim Edmons, Lance Parish, Bo Jackson, Mo Vaughn, Tim Salmon, Troy Percival, Troy Glaus, Erstad, Eck, Vlad and the list goes on.

In my youth I can remember going to the ball park to watch batting practice, and then staying after the game by the players parking lot to try and receive autographs from my favorite (or anyone that would actually sign) players. Up until I was about 8 or 9 I think I may have had a little bit of learning to do as I think I may have been a fan of the Dodgers at the same time.

As the years past I had several memorable experiences at the "BIG A". For our church youth activities we would often go sit in the nose bleed section and cheer on the Halos. It was during one of these games that I (not first hand) found out that you are not allowed to throw tortillas like Frisbees onto the field or you will be removed from the stadium.

I was able to see a bench clearing brawl against the Blue Jays on free baseball night. One of the fans decided that it would be a good idea to throw a free baseball at the back of one of the players. The night became "free beat down night" for that fan.

I was seven rows from the grass at the first home game of the 2002 ALCS when the Angels came from behind to beat the Yankees. I couldn't hear myself think it was so loud at the stadium.

(don't be fooled, the Shirt says "Go yankees....." on the front and "Back to Hell" on the back)

Since then I have had several opportunities to take my own children to the "Big A". Win or lose (more wins than losses) I always enjoy spending time with my family at an Angel game.

As a child I followed the angels by watching the games on TV or at the ball park. It wasn't until I got older that I had to rely on good ole' AM radio. While driving to work, at work or on my way home from work I found myself tuning into the game to listen to the play by play. Even though the game was being Tivo'd at the house I couldn't resist turning on the radio to see what I had to look forward to once I got home.

Today I found out that the voice on the other side of my radio passed away. Rory Markas and Teri Smith were the broadcast announcers that I listened to night after night. Aside from Vin Scully, I'd have to say that Rory Markas was one of the best baseball announcers that I've had the opportunity to listen to. He made listening to the game on the radio enjoyable and made the sting of not being able to watch the game a little less painful. I was looking forward to this season when Rory and Mark Gubicza would be taking over the broadcast.

Rory, coined the phrase "Just another Halo victory". A phrase that I enjoyed saying every time the Angels won. A phrase that I enjoyed texting to Dodger fans during the freeway series and a phrase that I will continue to say even though Rory has passed.

I wonder who the Angels will get to replace Rory now that he is gone. Whoever it is the will have some big shoes to fill as I think Rory Markas was one of the best in the game. Rest In Peace Rory and light up the Halo.

Also on a different note Happy belated birthday to Bodie "trout man" Kelley (Jan 1) and Happy Bithday to Bradley Vidal (today)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pay attention you might learn something

I will leave names out of my blog today. I do not want to implicate anyone in any insider trading cases, or have anyone get upset that I'm giving away their money saving tips.

Today I had the opportunity to learn several things that in the past may have been otherwise overlooked or disregarded. But I've decided that old people are sometimes wise and sometimes not so much. I've heard and observed several things today and will ponder them to determine what is wise and what is not so much. In the mean time I will pass along the information that I've received and let you make the determinations on your own.

I've been know to volunteer to help people on occasion. For Christmas this year someone in my family purchased an item that would require assembly that the recipient would not be able to do on their own. I volunteered to help the gift giver assemble this gift when they wanted to go to the recipients house. They accepted my offer and this morning I received a phone call "I'm going to go assemble the (gift) are you still able to help?" I asked when they were leaving and they said I was going to leave right now but if you are going to make it I will wait for you and we can drive together." I said "I'll leave right now"

I arrived at the gift givers home and got into their vehicle. As we began our commute to Lakewood, California, I noticed that we were not taking the normal route. I said "where are you going?" The response, " I have to stop somewhere real quick"

  • Lesson 1: when someone tells you they need to make a quick stop, it generally is the exact opposite.
The quick stop was to Office Depot to purchase a new printer. They had a special where if you turn in an old printer you get $50 dollars off a a new printer. The person I was with brought in an old printer and gave it to the workers upon entering. As we located the printer to be purchased we brought the tag up to the register and were told "it will be a few minutes we will have to get the printer out of the back." Another worker tried to state that the printer being returned didn't qualify because it was a mobile printer. I could see that the person I was with started to get upset but didn't say anything as one of the other workers quickly negated the other workers comment. we waited and then after about 10 minutes they brought the printer out. It was at this point that they workers decided to also inform us that you needed to fill out a bunch of paper work for the old printer exchange. (maybe we could have been doing that during the 10 minute wait) so after another 5 minuets of paperwork we finally were out the door.

back in the car I asked what kind of printer was returned for the exchange? I was told it was a mobile printer that was purchased for $2 at a yard sale, I was also then informed that "that lady was a jerk"

  • Lesson 2: when stores have a promotion for exchanges of old items, it's a good idea to buy a cheap one at a yard sale(or craigslist or ebay)
  • Lesson 2.5: The lady with the short brown hair at the office depot in the city of industry is "a Jerk"
we then made it to the gift recipients house. at which point we assembled the gift with little trouble. We took a few minutes to visit. During our conversation I was informed two possibly three times that AT&T is now the phone provider for the Lakewood area and that "they aren't worth a crap"

  • Lesson 3: if you ever move to the Lakewood area, do not use AT&T "they aren't worth a crap"
The conversation continued and i was then informed that it doesn't matter anyways because the phone companies are going to do away with all home phones since technology and cell phones are taking over everything.
  • Lesson 4: Check my portfolio and get rid of any stocks that have to with the phone companies they will all be out of business soon.
  • Lesson 4.5 also get rid of my cell phone since all cell phone calls go through land lines and once the phone companies go belly up my cell phone will be rendered useless also.
The conversation then took a turn towards the local gardening service. Then next lesson is not for me but if you happen to be a gardener in the Lakewood area and have been using the leaf blower just to blow the leaves into the corner or behind the bushes, the next lesson is for you.
  • Lesson 5: don't use the leaf blower to blow all the leaves into the corner or behind the bushes or the next time you do it you will be getting fired (again)
Shortly after that topic we departed. The gift giver surprisingly needed to make another stop at the local SEARS to check out their clearance items. "This Sears has a really good clearance section for their tools"
  • Lesson 6: The Sears in Lakewood/Cerritos DOES NOT have a really good clearance section on their tools despite what others may lead you to believe.
We then continued the commute back to the gift givers house. As we exited the freeway the gift giver turned the opposite direction of their house. I asked "did you forget where you live?" and I was told "no I need to make another quick stop"
  • Lesson 7: It's never too late to try and get the item you saw on sale at a yard sale 2 weeks ago.
as we made a few turns I was told "I think this is the street. This lady was selling a storage shed a few weeks ago during a yard sale and if she still has it I would like to purchase it" Gift giver got out of the car went to the door and spoke with the woman and returned back to the car. I asked "she already sold it?" and was told "no I need to go get the truck"

we went back to the gift givers house and got their truck and returned back to the ladies house. She had the storage shed already out in the driveway ready to go.
  • Lesson 8: Don't be fooled by the term "Indian giver" It doesn't just apply to Indians. The very apparent Asian woman said " i hope you don't live to far away because I think I would like to keep it....."
Gift giver then handed the pre-determined amount of money to the lady and said "no you don't need to keep it you won't use it" and proceeded to start loading it in his truck.
  • Lesson 9: maybe the term Indian giver does only apply to Indians because when Asians try to take stuff back you just don't let them and they are totally fine with it.
we loaded the unit and strapped it into the truck. We got back to gift givers house and began unloading it.
  • Lesson 10: if you are transporting a storage unit from one location to another. you need to strap the roof of the unit down in addition to securing the unit.
we were able to find the roof a few miles away with little to no damage and brought it back to the house where we began to re-assemble the storage unit.
  • Lesson 11: when putting the roof back on a storage unit, do not start pounding on the opposite side of the roof while someone else has their fingers pinched between the roof and the base.
we completed the assembly and I was on my way. All in a days work. Thanks for all the lessons.

If you ever need me to come help you with something feel free to call. Also, sorry for my blog being so long, I'm sure as time passes I will get lazy and my blogs will get shorter.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Day one

I've told myself for a while that I was going to attempt to start a journal. I'm a procrastinator by nature so until now I haven't even made an attempt. I don't think I could actually keep a journal because I would inevitably misplace it. So the next best thing is to start a blog. You can't misplace the internet right? I guess I could forget my password, so just in case it is "cornucopia" all lower case.

Now let me preface this blog with the following:

  1. I know I'm not a English major, or a spelling bee champion. The "Word Smith" has been know to visit some other family members blogs. Word Smith, you are uninvited from reading this blog.
  2. I don't know what type of blogs I'm going to be doing. I'm a frequenter of several blogs. Some are merely; as was my original intent; journals. Others are blogs that are built on elaborate made up stories mixed with a few I am thankful for posts. One is a blog where a husband and wife put up their disagreements for others to decide who is right and who is wrong. Others seeks answers or responses to hypothetical or rhetorical questions you would find on a Jerry Seinfeld episode, ie. "why does moisture ruin leather? Aren't cows outside a lot of the time? when it's raining do cows go up to the farmhouse, "Let us in! We're all wearing leather!Open the Door! We're going to ruin the whole outfit!" I enjoy each one of these formats for various reasons. Some are interesting, some funny. Others just let me know what people are up to. I hope to throw a culmination of all of these formats into my blog. That being said, if you don't think one of my blogs was funny, that day was supposed to be informative. If you don't find my blog informative, that day was supposed to just let you know what I'm up to. I don't need any Boos or tomatoes thrown at me.
  3. I have a strange; and sometimes vulgar; sense of humor. I find things amusing at times others may not feel appropriate. ie.. at a funeral where the eulogy is talking about t-bags being used to treat sun burns. Another example is a couple of weeks ago we were shopping for Christmas presents. We were in the row with the Nerf Swords. I was very amused to, whenever the little boy in the same rows mother would turn her back, threaten the little boy wit the sword. He would begin pointing and complaining to his mom at which point I would stop just before she would turn to look. Some might think that is mean. I think that's hilarious. so buyer beware. (purchasing my blog may or may not be necessary)
  4. My wife may want to blog every once in a while. I will let her but only on the grounds that she starts the blog with "Cyndi here..." or "hey this is Cyndi..." or "this blog is not being written by Jed but is in fact being written by Cyndi..." So be forewarned that if the blog is prefaced with one of these lines or anything similar, that you are either getting one of the blogs that just lets you know what we are up to or one of the blogs that is a made up story that is in no way true (especially if it has something to do with me). If she abuses her blogging privileges or is voted by the readers to no longer be able to blog. I will change my password. (and then re-post it so i don't forget it) She will then have to start her own blog.
  5. I use the term "gay" frequently. I refer to a lot of things I don't like or people that are acting silly as being "gay". If you are offended by this I recommend that you do not read any more of my blog entries.
  6. Lastly, my blog is selfishly intended as a place that when I'm old I can go to and read just before the grand kids come over and have a new story to tell instead of repeating the same story every time. That being said, not all of my posts are going to make sense to everyone that is reading them. If you are fortunate enough to be present when some of the hilarity or chaos that I blog about ensues, you too will have a place to reflect. If you don't understand or are completely lost I apologize in advance.
That's about it. Happy New Year and Happy New Blog to me.